This flashback is another sequence that was not in the original script. But I realized that, not only would there be a lot of questions about how the Wow Mart survivors sustained that initial attack, but I also realized it would be a lot more fun to see it than to have two characters talking about it.

I’ve always wondered why large, unkempt women wear wolf shirts so often. I don’t know if this is universal, but you definitely see a lot of enormous t-shirts featuring majestic imagery of wolves. I wonder if morbidly obese women love wolves, or if at that size you only really have the choice between polka dots, Tazmanian Devil if you are a dude and a majestic wolf if you are a woman. God help me, I hope I never get to be that big because, though I love Looney Tunes, you’ll never catch me in a XXXL sleeveless Taz shirt. I have my boundaries.

Thanks to everyone who ordered books and commissions. I just got the shipment of books in, so I will be working on all those orders this week.

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