I continue to be sick as a dog.  Spent the big bucks and went to Urgent Care today and got medicine so hopefully I am not too much of wreck at Wonder Con this weekend.  I will be in Artist’s Alley at table AA-123.  Come say hello and buy something to put the miserly side of me that resents the $90 fee for urgent care at ease.  Look for the awesome new banner I bought with Axe Cop and Bearmageddon on it that I wasn’t quite so miserly about.  It was time for me to get one of those cool banners everyone else has.  Plus I can write it off, unlike pills that make me not die.

As part of being wretchedly ill, I actually made the very self controlled decision to get in bed at 11:30 tonight.  At that time Noah had not turned in the color page to me.  I decided I would set me alarm and post in the morning.  Knowing I have been having trouble sleeping because of my insane cough, I popped two sleep-aid pills AND two Niquil.  Nothing.  It is now 2am and I am wide awake.  So I decided to get up and post so I wouldn’t have to wake up to my alarm, and Noah, just as I typed this, turned in the page.  Perfect timing.  I nearly posted the black and white.

Anyway, that’s about as exciting a story as I can give you right now.  I think I am going to try to sleep again.  Wish me luck, and hopefully I meet some of you this weekend.  Don’t be one of those shy weirdos who doesn’t introduce themsevles then posts “I was one foot from you at the con but I didn’t say hi.  I didn’t want to bother you.”  Just say hi.  That is what I am there for.  I’m nice.  If I don’t seem nice, I may be preoccupied, but that’s not the same thing as being mean.

Alright sleep.  Let’s do this!!





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