I’m trying to imagine how I would react if a crazy looking guy in a coon-skin cap with a hummus-smeared beard looked me in the eye and told me that bears had declared all-out war on mankind.  The guy seems to know his bears. I’d probably go sit on a stump and go into a thousand yard stare.


Man alive, life is crazy. My life anyway.  It’s all good stuff, but also overwhelming.  I have a lot on my plate.  I am considering doing an intermission with Bearmagageddon here at the Act Break.  It would be a good spot to take a breather for the colorists and give me a chance to catch up as well.  Some of the upcoming pages are double-work and I’d like to give the color guys extra time to get them done, plus I am behind on all three comics I am working on right now, including this one.  Hopefully only for a month or so. I figure TV shows come in seasons, why can’t this web comic?  I need to think on it, but it would help a lot. If we do it, I will break at page 66.


Thanks for keeping up on the comic so far.  After the Act Break we’ll be seeing some bearicatures pop up.  I will probably be able to start opening up sales on them soon too.  Maybe. I’m excited to move into Act Two here, where the real fun begins.  Yes, Bearmageddon has only begun.  See you Friday.


By the way, as I mentioned before, check out the Manga Studio Webinar I will be doing next week and be sure to come see me at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle at the end of this month!



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