Woops! Sorry for the late post everyone, I hate being inconsistent. I went off and forgot what day it was.  Well, here is your page.  Only a couple hours late.


As I discussed last post, we will go ahead and take a break for about a month to get caught up and give me time to catch up on other commitments.  We will continue on May 9th, so it won’t be too long of a wait.  In the meantime, if any of you want to submit guest comics, jokes, bear hybrid drawings, pinups or anything else to entertain us during the down time, please send it my way! (just send it to info(at)bearmageddon(dotcom).


Axe Cop Volume 3 is out, so please go pick it up!  Malachai and I did an interview with Mtv Geek about the new volume, and in the interview Malachai lays out what kind of story he would write if he were the author of Bearmageddon:

If I wrote Bearmageddon, I would make there be lots of bears that have different abilities and they took over the world.  Every thing in the world fights the bears, except for bears.  The grizzly bears betrayed the humans and they know technology so they make themselves all better and upgraded and all the other animals started fighting them.  Even the fleas and beetles started fighting them.  I don’t know how the turtles would help but I think they would get in their shell then tell a guy with a golf club to bang them into the grizzly bears.Wait… how come they call a box turtle a box turtle?  My dad thinks it’s because they are good boxers.  The sea turtles couldn’t really help, but the snapping turtles could snap at them like weapons. (trails off into talking about every kind of turtle…)


I kind of wish I had thought of some of that. Maybe I will use it in the sequel. Thanks for being a great audience!!  See you on Wednesday.



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