I’ll just be honest, I have never set foot in a Mormon church and I don’t know a whole lot of Mormons. I mean, I think I know some but we never discuss Mormon stuff. This part of the story was actually written long ago when I had a thing for an ex-Mormon girl and her story kind of fascinated me because it had kind of left her where my characters are at. Not sure what they believe or what they stand for. I thought it would be a good back story of Andrea, so I stole elements of it. I could have changed it, but I decided I liked it because it’s kind of unexpected. Mormons are almost always used as a joke or an overtly religious bad guy. It’s pretty rare that there are characters in a story that just happen to be Mormon. I’m sure I have Mormon readers who will keep me on my toes. I consulted with a few Mormons before I wrote this stuff but I’m bound to get something wrong.

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